Why Digital Marketing is Now More Important Than Ever

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Today, creating a digital marketing strategy is more critical than ever. Online marketing has never been as competitive as it is now. Most people work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic and most businesses being forced to shut their doors. Companies worldwide have turned to digital marketing to get their brand, their services, and products found. A great website and online presence are crucial for any business these days because customers can find you no matter where they are.

Competition is on the rise.

Online advertising has never been more crucial to businesses, as it is now an easy and affordable way for them to get noticed by potential customers. With stay-at-home orders in place across Sydney, Melbourne, and many other cities and states, people now have a lot more time to browse the internet. The online world is a lot more competitive than it used to be, with everyone working from home these days. But there’s still plenty of space out there for your business if you know how to create an effective marketing campaign.

Start by updating your website.

Have you looked at your website recently? Is it slow to load? Is the content still relevant? Is it mobile friendly? Slow load times, outdated content and non-mobile-friendly sites can be off-putting for visitors, which is why updating your website should always be a priority. Your customers will not only have an easier time finding what they’re looking for but will be more likely to stay on your site and make a purchase or book a service.

Online marketing is all about effectively promoting your business on a digital platform. Your website is your 24-hour business representative, so you must have an easy to use, updated website that looks great on any device – from computers and tablets to smartphones. Now more than ever, a great website and digital presence will help bring your business into the future.

We customise our web design process so that your website reflects your business. We focus on understanding your specific needs and custom design a website to help you achieve your goals. We consider your goals and objectives because we know your website will have to grow and evolve as your business does. Showcasing your services and products in a way that reflects your branding is a vital part of your online presence and reputation. We design the site within your requirements and offer you the chance to give your feedback every step of the way.

Use social media and other platforms to your advantage.

Social media has seen a dramatic increase in users since the start of the pandemic. Businesses are now using social media sites like Facebook or Instagram more frequently to reach new customers through posts about products and services. Online marketing has never been more important, and digital marketing is a great way to get your business on the map in today’s world! It makes sense because most people have more time to look at their phones now since they’re not working.

It’s a great way to reach your target audience, and they are spending hours on these platforms every day. Engage with your followers and find out what issues are affecting them right now. Use this information to build trust and rapport with your followers. This relationship will benefit your business beyond the pandemic and into the future. One way to use social media is by running contests that are exclusively online or through digital marketing. Online competitions and giveaways could be an excellent incentive for your followers, and it’s an easy way to collect the email addresses of potential customers.

Our digital marketing service includes any digital platform or device you can use to reach your marketing goals. This includes your website, search engine optimisation, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and paid ads such as Google Ads. If you’re dreaming about boosting traffic to your website and gaining more customers and exposure through social media, we can craft unique digital content that engages with consumers.

SEO is an essential aspect of your online marketing campaign

Search engine traffic has increased significantly due to the pandemic. Now is the time to invest in quality SEO on your website. If you don’t, you run the risk of your website never being found. Your competitors are using SEO services, and that means you should be too. If your business wants to compete in today’s market and have a chance of being found, basic SEO is an excellent place to start. It’s imperative to optimise your website for local searches. This limits the competition to your local area and will ensure your website will rank higher than a competitor based hundreds of kilometres away.

Use keywords relevant to your field so search engines can find you when potential customers start typing relevant phrases into their browser bar. SEO will help bring up your website for these terms and be more likely to appear higher in search results. You can also search for keywords related to your industry and see what terms are popular to build more content around these topics.

Search Engine Optimisation involves a process of optimising individual web pages to make the content search engine friendly. On-page refers to each web page’s content and the HTML source code used to create the page. 

Off-page SEO, also known as off-site SEO or external SEO, refers to links, articles, and other content that link back to your website or blog. These links can come in various ways, from social media platforms to news sites to other blogs. While inbound links from relevant, authority sites are the most essential, off-page SEO can help your rankings in different ways.

Trust in an experienced agency

At Mindsite Web Services, we have the experience and tools to help you build a stunning, high performing website and digital marketing campaign that moves with the times, engages people, helps you sell more and generates new leads, especially in this covid era which has changed the way people behave online. Just take a look at our portfolio of happy clients

By trusting us to manage all of your online tasks, we will not only meet but exceed your expectations, as well as give you back countless hours you previously spent trying to do it all yourself. Contact us today for a chat about your digital marketing needs.